Follow This Step by Step Guide

1) Figure out what dates work best for your group:

March 24-27     –     March 31-April 3     –     April 7-10     –     April 13-17

2) Where do you want Your GROUP to stay and for how many nights?

3) Register Your Group – The Sooner the Better!

Lodging fills up fast and can only be secured with a REGISTRATION FORM and REGISTRATION DEPOSIT.

We are here to help! Reach out to the office so we can verify a few details with you and provide the necessary form.

Office Phone: 866-625-6821      Email:


Our office will reach out with a questionnaire about your group. Don’t know all the exact details? No sweat, use your best guess for the information requested. You will have time to update it later.

5) January

– First Payment Due: 1/2 of Total Festival charges

– Update Group Attendance Counts

– Individual Participants Register Online: This is when they will select one of the three recreation options

– Last chance to cancel without a penalty


– Final Payment Due: Remainder of Total Festival charges

– Finalize Group Attendance Counts

– Deadline for Individual Participants (adults and students) to Register

– Rooming Lists and Performance Information Due

Before the Festival

Look over the provided trip and festival information 

Go over these details with everyone that will be attending the festival.

Substitute anyone that can’t attend  

Work with our office to make any necessary attendance changes.

Learn detailed information regArding EvEry Aspect of your trip in “Ski Locker”  

See You In Winter Park!  

We will be with you the entire festival