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welcome to WPSMF Start Gate

If you are a student, parent of a minor student, or adult, needing to individually register for the Winter Park Ski-Music Festival, you are at the right website.

Before getting started with a required individual online registration, there are several important festival topics that everyone attending the festival must know about, before registering.

All of these festival topics have a web link below, so the information can be opened, viewed, and/or printed for future reference. Anyone can return to this START GATE page anytime to view these festival topics again prior to your trip to Winter Park.


One of the most important questions being asked when a person registers with the Winter Park Ski-Music Festival, is what recreation activity a person choses!    Your selected recreation activity can provide you with days of mountain fun & adventure, or not.  Knowing about each recreation choice is very important, before you select one when registering.   

Before you open and read the below link for recreation descriptions, understand that when you register, you will be asked to select only ONE of the below listed 3 activities. There are no combination of activities.  There are no switching between activities.  Whatever activity you select, that is what you will receive when you arrive in Winter Park.  A person must be committed to this activity for their entire trip in Winter Park.

  1.  Downhill skiing at Winter Park Resort
  2.  Downhill snowboarding at Winter Park Resort
  3.  Non-ski mountain activities at Winter Park Resort

*If your music director or school prohibits or limits a particular activity in some manner, please abide by their instruction, so you will not have re-register.  Directors can view the recreation activity each person has selected.

CLICK HERE for a detailed description of the three different recreation activities offered for you to choose between.  This should be a required read for all travelers, and parents of minor students!



CLICK HERE for the festival’s suggested list of clothing and accessories to bring with you to Winter Park, regardless of your recreation choice. This should be a required read for all travelers, and parents of minor students!

CLICK HERE for a summary visual of suggested clothing and accessories.



CLICK HERE for the festival’s tips on understanding, detecting and avoiding Altitude Sickness while in Winter Park. This should be a required read for all travelers, and parents of minor students!



CLICK HERE for several important rules and tips while you are on the mountain if you choose to ski or snowboard.

Winter Park Resort’s Winter Safety and Conduct  page

If you have reviewed and understand all of the above important festival topics,

and are now ready to begin your online registration,


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