Adjudicator Questionnaire

WPSMF Adjudicator Questionnaire

Potential Winter Park Ski-Music Festival adjudicators-
Thank you for your interest in adjudicating for WPSMF! If you will please, complete the below questionnaire for us. Your responses will assist us in knowing which adjudicators are available on particular festival weeks and dates.

At this time, we are still having bands, choirs and orchestras registering to join us for the spring, and the ensemble makeup for each festival week remains unknown. Once ensemble and performance information begins to solidify for us in the upcoming months, we will then begin selecting the most appropriate and available adjudicators.

We understand your schedule may fill after you complete this form. If another definitive judging opportunity comes along, or you need to schedule any future events on dates you indicated below, please go ahead and plan for those if we have not reached out to you first. We understand!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 866-625-6821 or at info@winterparkskimusicfestival.com

Please Complete

Music Education Experience - Please select any that you have a reasonable amount of experience with.

Capable Adjudication - Regardless of your past music educator experience, select any below you feel you have been, or would be a qualified adjudicator, providing competent, skillful, and effective communication to music directors of accomplished high school programs.

Summary of Performance Schedule - Next, let us ask about when you could judge for the Winter Park Ski-Music Festival. Until the performance schedules begin to solidify in February, we simply like to ask now if adjudicators are available during a specific festival week(s). Festival weeks that do NOT include Good Friday or Easter Sunday, instrumental performances can be on Thursday evenings, definitely any time during Friday, and possibly Saturday mornings. Choral performances for these festival weeks are typically scheduled within Friday evenings only. Festival weeks that include Good Friday and Easter Sunday, are often times less attended, and we try our best to have instrumental performances anytime on Thursday, and possibly Friday morning. Choral performances are sometime within Thursday evening only.

Winter Park arrival/departure dates for INSTRUMENTAL Judges: For NON- Easter weeks, and for judges flying into Denver, we like to have you up in Winter Park no later than either Wednesday evening, or very early Thursday morning, through Saturday morning. Instrumental judges need to be in Winter Park no later than Wednesday evening for a Easter festival week, through Friday morning.

Winter Park arrival/departure dates for CHORAL Judges: for NON- Easter weeks, and for judges flying into Denver, we like to have you up in Winter Park no later than Friday morning for Friday evening performances. Choral judges need to be in Winter Park no later than Thursday morning for Thursday evening performances on a Easter festival week.

Do you have a desire to Ski while in Winter Park? The above days and times of day are when we need adjudication. If we select you to adjudicate for us, we can possibly accommodate you with a day prior arrival, or a day afterward departure with skiing, if desired.

SKI EXPERIENCE - Are you a Skier or Snowboarder? Tell us about your experience.

BASED ON THE INFORMATION ABOVE, WHAT FESTIVAL WEEK(S) WOULD YOUR CURRENT SCHEDULE ALLOW - Please select any week(s) you are available to judge. The below dates are the festival weeks we publish for groups. This does not mean you will be up in Winter Park, or away from home during all the dates shown!

OVERNIGHT LODGING FOR ADJUDICATORS - For the past 20+ years, the festival staff sets up its office and stays overnight in a large modern 8 bedroom cabin. This cabin has large communal living, dining and kitchen areas. Each bedroom has 2 double beds and private bath. Festival adjudicators also stay within this same cabin. Adjudicators tell us they really enjoy being in the same space with other judges, and the festival staff, as opposed to a private accommodation without other judge’s interaction. We are told, it feels like a family gathering of sorts. There are times when the cabin may seem like a whirlwind of activity, with lots of musician fellowship. But whenever a person wants to refrain from others, there is nothing awkward when a person retreats to their bedroom for sleep, solitude or work on their computer. Most often, we can provide a private room for judges. Sometimes, we may ask a judge to share a bedroom with a another same gender judge, especially if they are already friends. WOULD STAYING IN A CABIN WITH FESTIVAL STAFF OR OTHER JUDGES BE OK WITH YOU?

RENTAL CAR - If you are a judge with a home location requiring a flight into Denver, and then some form of transportation into Winter Park, would you be willing to pay for a pre-reserved rental car between Denver International Airport and Winter Park, and be reimbursed shortly afterward by WPSMF? You may have other judges accompanying you, and winter weather driving conditions may exist.

12 + 8 =

* If you do not receive a confirmation note after hitting “submit” please scroll back through the form and make sure none of the required fields are blank. The missing required field will be indicated by a red box around the field needing to still be completed. 


Now offering seven different lodging options for your group to choose from. We offer cabins, lodge rooms, and condos in order to fit any travel budget and need.


Every package includes a choice between one recreation activity: skiing, snowboarding, downhill tubing, gondola rides, snowcat tours, or snowshoe tours.


Groups compete against same school size, ensemble type and level. Comments and ratings are provided by 3 recognized and experienced adjudicators.

Awards and Street Dance

Each festival week concludes with an exciting outdoors awards ceremony and DJ’d Street Dance at the base of Winter Park Resort.

Packages Include

Overnight lodging

Groups can choose to stay 2,3, or 4 nights with seven different lodging options. Plan to arrive and depart on days your travel schedule allows, providing you with the utmost amount of travel flexibility.

Participation in performance

Groups will compete each week with institutions of similar size and performance skill. A panel of three respected adjudicators will provide constructive feedback and score the competing groups. Each festival week ends with a highly energetic awards ceremony and DJ’d street dance.

Choice of ONE recreation activity

Every registered participant will choose between 4 days of skiing or snowboarding (including lift card, equipment rental & beginner lesson) or the ability to trade in vouchers to participate in one of our non-ski activities: downhill tubing, gondola rides, snowcat tours, and snowshoe tours.

Travel protection plan

WPSMF will purchase on behalf of every registered participant, a limited benefit, “Post Departure Travel Protection Plan.” Additional trip cancelation/protection insurance can be secured through a third-party supplier.


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Resources for Registered Groups

Ski Locker

Is a website dedicated specifically for the directors of our registered groups. This online resource contains all the festival information regarding their trip. For example, you can view trip information reports, adjust attendance counts and build group rooming lists. Ski Locker also allows Directors to monitor the progress of their student’s individual online registration in Start Gate.

Learn More

Start Gate

Is the online portal for all students and adults registered to attend the festival. Participants can learn more about their recreation options, suggested clothing/items to pack and helpful information to prevent altitude sickness. All attending students and adults will be required to read WPSMF Start Gate topics and individually registering through this portal.

Learn More


We have teamed up with guidebook to create an app accessible by all registered directors during their time with us at festival. The WPSMF App will allow directors to access all the pertinent information provided on Ski Locker via their smart phone while on the mountain and stay in the know. Important updates and notification to groups will be sent via the app during the festival.

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“The Winter Park Ski-Music Festival has  consistently been one of the favorite  destinations for my students. The value is  incredible, the customer service outstanding, and the musical and social experience for the students is truly exceptional.”

Thomas Rinn, Head Director
Colleyville Heritage High School Choir

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