In the Spring of 2025

SPRING of 2025 dates:

For all of the dates below you may arrive and depart on any dates within or outside the below festival week, based on the number of nights you stay.

March 20-23

March 27-30 

April 3-6 

April 10-13 

While lodging has not yet been confirmed for 2025, below are the previous years lodging options.

Important timeline for anyone interested in attending for spring 2025:

End of School Year to Early Summer of 2024, Reach out to the office and let us know you are interested in attending.

Late Summer to September 1st, 2024, Register with the Festival and pay the “Registration Deposit”. The deposit ranges from $500-$1500, depending where you stay overnight and is non-refundable, but is 100% applied toward your total trip charges. While we will tentatively place groups in lodging up to the September 1st date the only way to 100% gurantee your lodging choice is with the Registration Deposit.

September 15th, 2024, Due date for “Per Person Lodging Commitment”, this deposit ranges $30-$90, depending where you are staying, and which festival week you choose. It is the empty bed space cost for your festival week. This is also non-refundable, but appied 100% to total charges for the number of persons you pay the commitment for.

Mid January 2025, we always have the 1st half payment deadline. This is 1/2 of the total charges, less the registration deposit and the per person deposits you will have already paid.

Mid February 2025, Final payment is due. This same date, have all your individual students registered online.

Want more information or to speak with our festival staff? 

Use the information below to reach out. By filling out the Info Request Form, our office will be able to send you updated information and confirmed details as they become available. It will also give you first access to tentatively secure your preferred Lodging Option when they are opened.  

Ask any questions you have!        Office Phone: 866-625-6821      Email: info@wpsmf.com

See You In Winter Park!  

We will be with you the entire festival