Trip Planning

Initial Trip Planning

Sample Itinerary & Scheduling

Winter Park, Colorado is located 67 miles northwest of Denver, in a high valley below the Continental Divide. Take Interstate 70 west from Denver into the mountains, turn north on Hwy 40, cross Berthoud Pass, descend into the Winter Park Resort and town.

Typical Travel Methods to/from Winter Park:

  • Motor coaches, school buses, school/rental vans or personal vehicles between your hometown and Winter Park
  • Fly to/from Denver International Airport and hire motor coaches between Denver and Winter Park.  (if a group stays at particular lodging facilities, they will not need transportation in Winter Park, except to hire a bus travel to the performance site, which we can help with)
  • Contact the festival office for convenient shortcuts to busing companies, group airfare sites, and more

2024 Winter Park Ski-Music Festival Dates

  • March 21-24
  • March 27-31(Good Friday and Easter Sunday)
  • April 4-7
  • April 11-14

Attend any days with 2-4 nights to fit your trip schedule. 

For the 1st, 3rd and 4th 2024 festival weeks, please keep in mind Instrumental performances are scheduled on Thursday evenings, and afternoon through early Friday evenings.  Choral performances are Friday evenings. The Awards Ceremony/Street Dance is held Saturday evening. Regardless of chosen overnights, a group must obviously be in Winter Park for their performances, and hopefully for the awards ceremony/street dance.

The 2nd 2024 festival week with Good Friday & Easter Sunday, Instrumental performances are possibly Wednesday evening, Thursday evening, and possibly Friday morning, with Choral performances on Thursday evening.  The Awards Ceremony/ Street Dance is held on Friday evening.  These earlier scheduled events allow groups to return home for Easter Sunday if desired.

Example itineraries (for the 1st, 3rd and 4th festival weeks and not the Good Friday and Easter Sunday 2nd week):

2-night stay:

  • Thursday & Friday nights. Arrive in Winter Park Thursday morning, with scheduled equipment rentals and beginner lessons, ski all day or a half day, spend Thursday night, ski Friday, perform Friday afternnon or evening, spend Friday night, check out of lodging Saturday morning, ski Saturday, attend the awards/street dance Saturday evening, depart from Winter Park afterwards.
  • Friday & Saturday nights. Arrive in Winter Park Friday morning, ski all day or a half day, perform Friday late afternoon or evening, spend Friday night (a full day!), ski Saturday, attend the awards/street dance Saturday evening, spend Saturday night, check-out Sunday morning, ski Sunday if you wish, depart from Winter Park afterwards.

3-night stay:

  • Wednesday, Thursday & Friday nights (allowing a desirable and less strenuous schedule for 1st day of skiing Thursday morning). Arrive in Winter Park Wednesday after lunch, receive equipment rentals before checking into overnight lodging, spend Wednesday night, beginners in lessons Thursday morning, ski Thursday, perform Thursday evening (instrumentals), spend Thursday night, ski Friday, perform Friday evening (choral), spend Friday night, check out of lodging Saturday morning, ski Saturday, attend the awards/street dance Saturday evening, depart from Winter Park afterwards.
  • Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights (a more strenuous schedule for Thursday morning). Arrive in Winter Park Thursday morning or anytime throughout the day, with scheduled equipment rentals and beginner lessons, ski a half day, perform if you can Thursday evening (instrumental), spend Thursday night, ski Friday, perform Friday late afternoon or evening (instrumental or choral), spend Friday evening, ski Saturday, attend the awards/street dance Saturday evening, spend Saturday night, check-out Sunday morning, ski Sunday if you wish, depart from Winter Park afterwards.
  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights (an undesirable full schedule Friday). Arrive in Winter Park Friday morning, with scheduled equipment rentals and beginner lessons, ski a half day, perform Friday late afternoon or evening, spend Friday night, ski Saturday, attend the awards/street dance Saturday evening, spend Saturday night, ski Sunday, spend Sunday night, check-out Monday morning, ski Monday if you wish, depart from Winter Park afterwards.

4-night stay:

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday nights (allowing a less strenuous schedule for 1st day of skiing Wednesday morning). Arrive in Winter Park Tuesday after lunch to receive equipment rentals before checking into overnight lodging, spend Tuesday night, beginners in lessons Wednesday morning, ski Wednesday, spend Wednesday night, ski Thursday, perform Thursday evening (instrumentals), spend Thursday night, ski Friday, perform Friday evening (choral), spend Friday night, check out of lodging Saturday morning, no ski Saturday unless purchasing 4 th day of skiing, attend the awards/street dance Saturday evening, depart from Winter Park afterwards.
  • Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights (allowing a less strenuous schedule for 1st day of skiing Thursday morning). Arrive in Winter Park Wednesday after lunch to receive equipment rentals before checking into overnight lodging, spend Wednesday night, beginners in lessons
    Thursday morning, ski Thursday, perform Thursday evening (instrumentals), spend Thursday night, ski Friday, perform Friday evening (choral), spend Friday night, ski Saturday , attend the awards/street dance Saturday evening, spend Saturday night,
    check out of lodging Sunday morning, depart from Winter Park afterwards.
  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights (a more strenuous schedule for Thursday morning). Arrive in Winter Park Wednesday after lunch to receive equipment rentals before checking into overnight lodging, spend Wednesday night, beginners in lessons Thursday morning, ski Thursday, perform Thursday evening (instrumentals), spend Thursday night, ski Friday, perform Friday evening (choral), spend Friday night, ski
    Saturday , attend the awards/street dance Saturday evening, spend Saturday night, check out of lodging Sunday morning, depart from Winter Park afterwards.
  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday nights (a undesirable full schedule Friday). Arrive in Winter Park Friday morning or anytime throughout the day, ski half day, all day, or not depending when you arrive, must perform (instrumental or choral) Friday late afternoon or evening, spend Friday night, ski Saturday, attend the awards/street dance Saturday evening, spend Saturday night, ski Sunday, spend Sunday night, ski Monday, spend Monday night, check-out Tuesday morning, ski Tuesday if you didn’t ski Friday, depart from Winter Park afterwards.

Group members who choose to ski or snowboard; each festival package has 3 days of skiing/boarding included whether used or not.  If a group can schedule arrival in Winter Park early on the arrival day, and depart Winter Park late on the departure date, students can recreate one more day than the number of nights chosen to stay.  Arriving early means early enough for a group to arrive in Winter Park, everyone dressed to ski right off the bus, receive equipment rentals (amount of rental time depends on the size of the group), receive resort ticketing, and have beginner skiers/snowboarders into morning lessons no later than 9:30 am, or into the afternoon lessons no later than 1:00 pm.  The festival can help plan both arrival and departure times, allowing skiing on the first and last days in Winter Park.

If a group wishes to ski or snowboard for a 4th day, requiring an additional equipment rental and lift card date, please contact the festival office for information.

When planning Winter Park arrival and departure times, be sure to consider lodging check-in/out times.  The check-in times for lodging facilities are after 4:00-6:00 pm, with check-out times being before 10:00 am.  For a group to eliminate any additional “early check-in” charges, please consider arriving to ski first, and then check into lodging after skiing.  For a departure date, consider checking out of the lodging earlier that morning, ski the last day, and then depart Winter Park afterwards.  Don’t forget about bus drivers’ off duty sleeping hours when planning these arrival and departure dates and times.  The festival should be able to arrange optional early check-in, or a late check-out, with an associated charge when needed.

With lots of experience planning music group travel at Winter Park, speak with our festival staff before registering with exact dates on the 2024 registration form.  

Travel Commitment Policy or Contract


Signers of the Registration Form agree to consider implementing a Trip Commitment Policy or Contract with all traveling students and adults.  Most seasoned music educators, with years of past travel experience will always implement a travel commitment policy, and require a trip commitment contract, outlining the trip destination, travel dates, total trip cost, what the trip includes, what it does not include (paid out of pocket by the traveler), an initial travel itinerary, scheduled payment deadlines, cancellation schedules, refunds relative to cancellation dates, consequences if deadlines are not met, and signed by both students and parents.  Implementing such policies or contracts, allows enforcement of travel commitments equitably among all traveling members.  Music directors state that such contracts relieve them from never ending special circumstances from group members, for fairness to all.

Contracts allow directors to meet travel related deadlines, with a better knowledge of exactly how many persons are expected to attend.  Group members payments can be collected and forwarded based on travel provider due dates.  Students or adults that cannot make all payments already agreed to the consequences.  Travel Contracts make life easier for a director!  If a music director has not planned student travel in the past or had difficulties with the timing of student payment collections, meeting the group’s trip payment deadlines, or had challenges with students backing out of previous trips causing contractual difficulties, please consider implementing a travel policy or contract.  The festival will be happy to provide examples upon request.

After the worldwide Covid pandemic, creating plenty of challenges for travel, many music directors have shared they now include within their Travel Commitment, a section for students and their parents to acknowledge that without a travel cancellation protection plan in place, they accept all risk of losing their financial investment in the trip, in the event it were not to occur, for any reasons.    

Chartering Private Motor Coaches

    Your Chartered Motor Coaches in Winter Weather

    Historically, the biggest weather problem with groups traveling to/from Winter Park, is when the whole state gets a big winter storm.  It seems that that the long stretches of interstate in the flat lands east and south of Denver don’t have the same amount of equipment or resources to keep the roadways immediately plowed in heavy snow fall.  Warmer temperatures in the flat lands may create ice on the roads rather than snow.  Our experience with challenging weather for groups traveling to/from Winter Park seems to be worst for snowy conditions that affect the whole state versus snow fall west of Denver, or in Winter Park. 

     A quick summary of how weather affects roadways when traveling to/from Winter Park and within the Winter Park area.  First, there is a big difference between normal snowfall, and a snowstorm.  During any spring months throughout Colorado, and especially in the mountains west of Interstate 25, snow can be expected any day, and especially every night!  It may only be 1-12 inches or could be much heavier with up to 3-4 feet per day.  The Colorado Department of Transportation and local municipalities seem to always be prepared for snowy inclement weather in the mountain areas west of Denver.  They obviously have the all the sand/chemical/snowplow trucks needed to keep this mountainous region of the state drivable for its citizens and travelers.  Having said this- Interstate 70 west of Denver and the higher mountain passes can sometimes enforce tire chains to be installed on any bus or motorcoach, or temporarily close the roads with excessive amounts of snow, before the plow trucks can service them adequately.

    Please visit with your bus company regarding the following three topics when contracting for motor coaches, or anytime before your trip to Winter Park.

    1. Experience of bus drivers on mountain roadways within winter climates This topic goes without mention towards the travel safety of your group with experienced mountain drivers within winter climates. DEMAND your bus company provide drivers with this experience!!!

    With mountain/winter experienced drivers- hopefully they will be knowledgeable of what highway routes to take within various weather conditions or the benefits of traveling on better maintained major interstates rather taking less traveled routes when snow is expected along your travel route.

    With experienced mountain/winter drivers, they understand snowfall in the mountains is a common occurrence, and can be driven safely within, without overwhelming fear.

    Drivers with mountain/winter experience may be more likely to approach any driving conditions with a stable attitude, and not just park the bus as a solution.

    Drivers must have adequate winter attire, knowledge, and enough physical strength to install any snow chains or other approved devices when needed.  This is further discussed below. 

    1. Who gets to change a group’s trip itinerary? Drivers who change a group’s itinerary due to their inexperience of mountain/winter driving

    Unfortunately, we have attending groups that come to Winter Park, and get their trip cut short, or completely altered, because of inexperienced drivers, or drivers that use snow on roadways as an excuse to depart early.  How?  It seems that drivers can always get a group to Winter Park according to the trip itinerary, even if there is some delay due to heavy snowstorms.  But any chance of snow on the day or night a group expects to depart; some drivers will begin to intervene with the travel itinerary!  A common occurrence is when a group expects to depart Winter Park after the awards ceremony.  We suppose some drivers feel that the awards ceremony is an intangible component of the trip that isn’t really necessary to attend, and begins to either make decisions on their own, or contact their dispatch about getting home early because it is snowing or could start snowing that evening.  Readers, there is snowfall almost every day and night in Winter Park.  Unless it is extremely heavy snow fall, or a bad storm, the roads will be maintained for safe travel by the county and state.  If the roads are expected to be untravellable, or dangerous for travel, the highway department will give these warnings well in advance of incoming weather.  A driver’s weather app forecasting snow is not a reason to cut your trip short.  Have a conversation with your bus company before, or after executing your contract, about what reasons would constitute your trip to be cut short.  Remember, the festival has purchased a travel protection plan for every group member, that should well cover any additional cost of being delayed.  We want every group and student to not miss that last day of skiing, or our awards ceremony, because a driver is suddenly worried about getting home due to a chance of some snowfall.

    You might sense that this is a sensitive subject for the festival staff.  Directors share with us how their students love and think the awards ceremony was the best part of the trip, if not the highlight of a student’s total high school experience, and how it creates group pride and enthusiasm with the group, and how their students enjoy being surrounded by so many other enthusiastic student musicians.  It is so frustrating when a group has to leave early because a driver decides its time to leave because there is a chance of snow.  And of course, 50+ other buses leave later that same evening without any travel problems whatsoever. So talk with your bus company about who makes the decision to alter your trip itinerary, and for what reasons. 

    1. Snow Chains or other approved devices for each bus Tire snow chains/cables, or approved traction devices are required for every commercial vehicle (including motor coaches) traveling on Interstate Highway 70 west of Denver.  These devices do not need to be installed, but onboard and ready to be installed from September 1 to May 31.


    Demand that your bus(es) have snow chains or snow cables on-board the bus before you depart your hometown, and available during your trip.   And, drivers that can install them if needed.  There could be a chain law enforced anytime during your trip route.  Why jeopardize your entire planned trip, to be required to turn around somewhere short of Winter Park, and return home, simply because your bus company failed to not have snow chains (or the proper number of sets) onboard, or the wrong size of chains that don’t fit the bus tire size, or a driver that can’t install them.

    The #1 reason for our groups’ travel delays in Winter Park is a stuck bus after being parked overnight.  Without chains- the bus driver has to arrange with their dispatch or central office to get a local tow which can take up to several hours to eventually get the bus unstuck.  Of course- this will happen at the most inconvenient times such as prior to your scheduled performance time, ski rentals  or ski lessons. Rescheduling these events, may cause a ½ day or even an entire day of missed recreation.  With a set of tire chains available and quickly installed- valuable time can be saved in just minutes.

    Hiring Motor Coaches to/from Denver International Airport

    The Festival staff can help plan: for the best flight times, distance & time to and from Winter Park, suggested groceries along the way, Denver’s high traffic times, and more. To receive Denver area motor coach company contacts that previous WPSMF customers have enjoyed working with- just ask!

    Riding Local Winter Park Ski Shuttle

      Local ski shuttle buses run regular routes throughout the Winter Park Area.  The ski shuttle buses transport passengers to and from the Winter Park Ski Resort, the town of Winter Park, the grocery store, and most condos with no cost to passengers.  Buses can be boarded at shuttle stops approximately every 20-60 minutes.  The ski shuttle service does not connect with the lodges/cabins at Snow Mountain Ranch, or the festival’s performance site.  The free ski shuttle is most often utilized by music groups who do not have their own transportation with them during their entire festival stay.  We have provided a link to the WP area ski shuttle service within the maps section of WPSMF Ski Locker.  

      The Winter Park shuttle buses operate as a free and convenient way to get you around town, and to and from the slopes during your leisure time.  This is not a fast means of transportation, and not always right on schedule!  They follow an established route running twice an hour during the March festival weeks, and once an hour during the April festival weeks.  It is available for all visitors of the town and ski resort.  The routes are color coded (see maps) and are relatively easy to understand the operation once ridden. The bus capacity is usually 44 persons per bus.  If your group uses the shuttle buses for primary transportation- remember to start early!  You will find the shuttle bus convenient for moving individuals or small groups to and from the resort or town for souvenir shopping, restaurants, etc. when promptness is not an important issue.  Your own buses should be used whenever possible, if your group has to be at a given destination at a scheduled time. 

      At the resort’s shuttle bus pick-up/drop off area- there are signs designating the shuttle route and the lodging facilities the route serves.  Wait for your bus under the appropriate sign.  If your place of lodging is not listed- simply ask any bus driver which bus route to use.  BE SURE YOUR STUDENTS KNOW THE EXACT NAME OF YOUR LODGING FACILITY. 

      The following bullets may need revision prior to the 2024 WPSMF, as sometimes the colors and routes will change from the previous ski season. Check back with this information until this message is gone.  Check out theliftwp.com , let us shortcut you with the following information:

      • Every shuttle route color, except the green (Old Town) route, runs between the Winter Park Resort shuttle bus pickup/drop off area, and the Town of Winter Park. Each shuttle route may have different final destinations, but will stop at a shuttle stop somewhere in the Town of Winter Park and the resort.  This would be applicable for any person or group of persons wanting a shuttle ride between the Winter Park Resort and the Town of Winter Park.  Again, any color route except the green route.
      • Any person or group of persons wanting a shuttle ride between the Winter Park Resort and the Safeway grocery store in Fraser, should use the either the black, emerald, or purple line as the map indicates to stop at the grocery store.
      • Groups staying at Beaver Village Condos and relying upon the ski shuttles for transportation to and from the Winter Park Resort: Go back to the Ski Locker main page, and scroll down to #5 Overnight Lodging Information, then click on the bullet  “Specific Information to know about your Lodging Facility”.  Read all about the ski shuttles on this page when staying at Beaver Village Condos!
      • On the shuttle website, a person can scroll down and see a link for each colored route’s scheduled stop times. The ski shuttle now has a teal colored regional route running between Winter Park and Granby (where the performance site is located) a few times each day.  In our festival information, we state a performing group without their own transportation, should hire private coaches between the performance site and their lodging.  Please do not rely, or plan for your group’s travel to and from the performance site on this one operating shuttle bus!  Contact us for hiring private coaches.

        Hired Buses to/from Performance Site

      Any music group without bus transportation during their entire festival stay, the festival can help a director or travel planner schedule bus charters provided by the local school district, for a group’s transportation between their lodging, the performance site, and back.  These school buses can transport 50 passengers (2 persons per seat) and do NOT have large equipment storage within their undercarriage.  A group will need to plan for fewer passengers on any bus if large musical instruments/cases will occupy seat spaces.  The approximate cost to hire a single bus with a 2-3 hours at performance site is now around $300.   Multiple buses may be required for groups needing more than 50 seat spaces. Expect to pay the school district directly at the time of service.

      Contact the festival office initially, sometime in January or early February, to get your group on the list of groups needing buses for transport to the performance site. The festival is not including or providing this service.  Each group using this service will hire the East Grand School District directly and pay them at the time of service.

      Directors Must Bring to Winter Park


      Festival related items directors must bring to Winter Park

      1. Your school’s own Medical Release/Emergency Contact Forms for your students, which may be needed when traveling anytime during your trip. (The medical/emergency contact info each of your group members complete within their own individual online registrations will be made available to the ski resort’s medical clinic only, during resort hours).
      1. The Damage Deposit & Statement of Responsibility Form required at lodging check-in. Information about this form can be found within the Overnight Lodging Information within WPSMF Ski Locker.  The form can be viewed/printed here
      1. Credit card for Lodging Damage Deposit required at lodging check-in ($10 per person with $500 total maximum deposit).
      1. Stage Setup Charts for all Instrumental Ensembles, showing chairs, stands, and percussion equipment with stage/row placement. Yes, you may have already submitted the number of chairs and stands needed through WPSMF Online.  But bring a paper stage setup chart to the festival with the most current and accurate stage set-up needed.  Blank setup charts can be viewed/printed here
      1. Three original conductor scores of published music being performed by every concert instrumental ensemble and every concert choral ensemble (used by the adjudicators). Numbered measures are recommended.  Music scores for instrumental jazz ensembles, show/pop choirs, drum lines, color guards, and dance teams are not required.
      1. Any performance equipment or musical instruments not provided by festival, or not requested in advance through WPSMF Online. See “Performance” section within WPSMF Ski Locker for details.
      1. If your group has made arrangements to hire buses to the performance site, a check made payable to “East Grand School District”.
      1. A printed copy, or easily accessible pictures of your group’s Trip Info report (viewed and printed from WPSMF Online) and necessary maps (viewed and printed from WPSMF Ski Locker)


      Altitude Sickness & Medical

      Altitude Sickness and Prevention

      Occasionally a student or adult may experience discomfort or sickness due to the higher altitude during their trip to Winter Park.  Gaining elevation too high and too fast is reportedly the major cause of Altitude Sickness or “Acute Mountain Sickness”.  Some reports indicate that oxygen levels contribute to the sickness.  Higher altitudes have thinner air with less oxygen available. Altitude sickness occurs most commonly at elevations greater than 8,000 feet above sea level.  The Winter Park Resort Base is around 9,000 feet and the ski resort summit is above 12,000 feet.

      Dehydration and physical exertion are also major contributing factors toward the sickness.  The most common signs of this sickness are a feeling of dizziness or lightheadedness, headache, fatigue, insomnia, unusual drowsiness, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, persistent rapid pulse, and/or loss of appetite.  These symptoms can, either alone, or in combination, indicate altitude sickness.

      Altitude sickness doesn’t discriminate- it can affect anyone regardless of age, sex or physical conditioning. In fact, some of the best and most well-conditioned athletes can suffer altitude sickness. Altitude sickness can even occur despite a history of not being susceptible.

      Some sources recommend the following to minimize the effects of altitude sickness:

      • Stay well hydrated by substantially increasing your water intake
      • Get adequate rest and take it easy on your first day in the higher altitude
      • Eat a balanced diet with plenty of carbohydrates (avoid fats and sugars) and decrease salt intake
      • Eliminate caffeine intake (caffeine is a diuretic and will dehydrate)
      • Take over the counter products for altitude sickness (use your own discretion with these)

      Our best recommendation for preventing or remedying altitude sickness is to stay hydrated with water (more than normal) while enroute and during your stay.  Everyone should drink water instead of soft drinks.  If you fly into Colorado, we highly recommend that your group drink plenty of water prior to the flight, during the flight, and upon arrival.  If traveling by bus, have water available the entire trip to increase hydration before your arrival to Winter Park.  If at any time on the trip, a person experiences any of the above listed symptoms- choose any medical remedies you wish but consider having the person increase their water intake for immediate results.

      Based on our long experience with groups in Winter Park (and even our own staff) – we have been around the emergency room several times for the treatment of this sickness.  Inevitably- dehydration is the cause.

      High altitudes can accentuate previous or existing health conditions.  Persons with respiratory or vascular illnesses should consult with a medical doctor prior to determine whether travel to Winter Park is safe for them.

      If ANY serious medical symptoms occur with any group member (including but limited to persistent cough, fever, pale or discolored skin, gradual loss of consciousness, and/or bronchitis like symptoms) – please seek immediate emergency medical care by calling 911.  Do not ignore!


      Medical Clinic located at the base the Winter Park Resort

      The Denver Health East Grand Clinic is located at the base of the Winter Park Ski Resort in the light blue West Portal Station building.  The phone number is (970) 726-4299.  The medical clinic at Winter Park Resort is open from ski resort open time (8:30 am or 9:00 am) to 6:00 pm Mountain Time Zone.  

      Services available at the Medical Clinic:

      • Full-service family practice
      • Designated Level IV trauma center
      • Orthopedics
      • Cardiopulmonary event management
      • Altitude illnesses
      • Ski-related injuries
      • Full-service x-ray
      • Lab services

      24-hour ER at Middle Park Medical Center

      Middle Park Medical Center, Granby

      1000 Granby Park Drive South

      Granby, CO

      (970) 887-5800 clinic

      (970) 887-5810 ER


       Middle Park Medical Center is located on the east side of Hwy 40, about ½ mile south of Granby.  From Winter Park: Approximately 16 miles north on Hwy 40 toward Granby.  After passing City Market and McDonalds on your left, travel another mile and clinic will be on the right side of Hwy. 40.  This is about ½ mile before Granby.

      Medical Release/Information Forms

      Directors usually bring Medical Release/Medical History/Emergency Contact information forms with them, for all members, for any medical emergencies.  Use the medical forms your school or district use. Bring with you for any emergencies during your travel, such as to/from Winter Park, and other times when away from the ski resort.

      When each group member (adults and students) individually registers online for the festival, there is a “medical information” and “emergency contact” section to be completed. Any information submitted online will only be accessed by the Winter Park Resort Medical Clinic.  The information gathered will not be shared with any other medical facility, which could be used during your travel to/from Winter Park, or other medical centers used outside the resort’s clinic.  The online form does not require that every medical field be completed, and only one emergency contact name and number must be input. If a director is relying on the online registration form to be your only source of your members’ medical/emergency information, only being available to the resort’s medical clinic, you must instruct all attendees and the parents of minors to complete all fields! If a director wishes to rely on what group members and their parents provide during their online registration, there is no need to provide additional forms to the resort’s medical clinic.  The festival believes, a director should provide copies of their own medical forms to the resort’s medical clinic, to ensure two sources of medical information are available to the clinic.

      Ski Resort Emergency group contact person and telephone

      The group director should provide all group leaders’ contact information to the resort’s Medical Clinic if an injury should occur with any group member.

      It is the responsibility of the director to make sure there is a way for themselves or another adult to be contacted by the medical clinic.  The festival only provides the contact numbers listed on a group’s Trip Info report. 

      Adult Health

      While the primary attention concerning existing health conditions is aimed toward a music group’s students, be sure your group’s adults have no serious health conditions that higher altitude, colder weather or rigorous skiing activities may severely affect. Higher elevations can accentuate existing health problems.  Any person should consult their physician if having respiratory or vascular illness before the trip.  Seek medical assistance if problems persist or worsen.

      Emergency Contacts

      Call 911 for any immediate emergency!

       Winter Park Ski-Music Festival’s main toll-free number is (866) 625-6821, and pressing “3” to contact the festival staff/office.

      Using this number will have the most success in reaching a staff member, because it simultaneously rings our office remote phones, and all festival staff members’ cell phones as well.  We may be out of the office working at the performance site, ski area or awards ceremony at any time, when no one can answer.  A message left in the general mailbox (option # 7) will be visible by the entire festival staff while we are in Winter Park throughout the day and all night.

      Listed below are the cell phone numbers of primary festival staff, and to be used if you were not able to reach us or leave a message at the above toll-free number.  Although your call is very important to us, we may be in a position with another group to not answer your call at that very moment.  Please leave a message if not answered.  Your call will be returned as soon as possible.

      Christopher Jones (817) 996-3646

      Patrick Archer (214) 288-5214

      Shane Henry (404) 643-8827

      Jae Jones (817) 239-6014

       Other Non-festival staff Contact Numbers:

      Winter Park Ski Resort main switchboard (970) 726-5514

      Winter Park Ski Resort’s Medical Clinic (970) 726-4299

      Middle Park Medical Center located in Granby, CO (ER open 24 hours a day) (970) 887-5810

      Grand County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch (970) 725-3343

      Adverse Road Conditions and Closures message hotline (877) 315-7623.  This phone service may require the calling phone to be in the local area. Or go to www.cotrip.org for current updates.

      Grand County Office of Emergency Management (970) 887-2732. Or go to www.gcemergency.com for most current updates.

      Overnight Lodging and Ski Rental Shop telephone numbers can be viewed by the director on the Trip Info report within WPSMF Online.

      These telephone numbers should be printed by all directors and brought to Winter Park. Directors should also provide these numbers to non-attending adult leaders and school officials.


      After opening any below PDF map or picture, use CTRL+P to print, or use your browser’s print button for hard copy, or take a picture on your phone, to have with you in Winter Park.

      Winter Park Resort

      All groups will enter the Winter Park Resort’s SOUTH ENTRANCE when entering the resort for any reason.  All the below maps relating to the resort show this South entrance.  CLICK HERE for a picture of the entrance sign at the South Entrance.  Do not turn off Hwy.40 at any other resort entrance!  Other Resort entrances may not be plowed, have steep inclines, and/or not have adequate turn around areas for motor coaches, and could likely result in getting your motor coach stuck! 

      Parking at the Winter Park Resort Map and Festival Staff 1st Meet Location at the Winter Park Resort Map   YOUR Festival Staff 1st Meet Location at the resort can be found on your Trip Info report, within WPSMF Online, available to view in February. This 1st meet location is where you will first meet a festival staff member at the resort on your group’s FIRST ski day arrival at the resort.  For groups arriving in buses, motor coaches, vans, and personal vehicles- this will most likely be at the Vintage Hotel Parking.  For groups that have already spent the night, or checked into lodging at the resort, this location will likely be at the Black and White Checkered Flag near West Portal building. This map will show where the Black and White Checkered Flag is located, where ultimately every group will meet festival staff members, for a group’s Ticketing packet, Safety Talk, Beginner Lessons, and possibly Equipment Rentals at Winter Park Ski Resort

       Overnight Lodging Locations Map  *

      *If your group is staying overnight at Zephyr Mountain Lodge or Fraser Crossing/Founders Pointe condos at the Winter Park Resort base, and has arranged with the festival to check-in the day or evening prior to your 1st day of recreation, or arranged for your lodging check-in the same morning before that day’s recreation, see this map/instructions: Charter Bus Arrival for Groups Staying Overnight at Winter Park Ski Resort.  Do NOT use this map, or drive directly to your assigned lodging location at the resort base, if you have been instructed to first arrive at the Vintage Hotel parking for your Festival Staff 1st meet location!  Your buses will only be allowed entrance to the resort base during your scheduled check-in time later that day.

      Performance Site Map  Use this map, and not a map app with the school address shown on your Trip Info report!  There are steep hills that need to be avoided with a motor coach near the performance site.

      Ski/Snowboard Equipment Rental Locations Map *   Your assigned equipment rental location can be found on your group’s Trip Info report, and shown on this map.   *This map does not show the rental locations at the resort very well.  If your group is staying overnight at the resort, and getting rentals at a specific location at the resort, AND the festival staff is not meeting you for your rentals, Detailed Winter Park Resort rental locations map is a better map

      2024 Bus Parking Map and Instructions for Awards Ceremony & Street Dance at Winter Park Resort

      Ski Shuttle web site with route map and schedules  This is a link to the ski shuttle service’s website for all routes, Please check back with this site a few months prior to your trip, so any schedule or route updates will be known.

      See You In Winter Park!  

      We will be with you the entire festival