After opening any below PDF map or picture, use CTRL+P to print, or use your browser’s print button for hard copy, or take a picture on your phone, to have with you in Winter Park.

Winter Park Resort

All groups will enter the Winter Park Resort’s SOUTH ENTRANCE when entering the resort for any reason.  All the below maps relating to the resort show this entrance.  CLICK HERE for a picture of the sign at the South Entrance.

Parking at the Winter Park Resort Map and Festival Staff 1st Meet Location at the Winter Park Resort Map   YOUR Festival Staff 1st Meet Location at the resort can be found on your Trip Info report, within WPSMF Online, available to view in February. This 1st meet location is where you will first meet a festival staff member at the resort on your group’s FIRST ski day arrival at the resort.  For groups arriving in buses, motor coaches, vans, and personal vehicles- this will most likely be at the Vintage Hotel Parking.  For groups that have already spent the night, or checked into lodging at the resort, this location will likely be at the Black and White Checkered Flag near West Portal building. This map will show where the Black and White Checkered Flag is located, where ultimately every group will meet festival staff members, for a group’s Ticketing packet, Safety Talk, Beginner Lessons, and possibly Equipment Rentals at Winter Park Ski Resort

 Overnight Lodging Locations Map  *

*If your group is staying overnight at Zephyr Mountain Lodge or Fraser Crossing/Founders Pointe condos at the Winter Park Resort base, and has arranged with the festival to check-in the day or evening prior to your 1st day of recreation, or arranged for your lodging check-in the same morning before that day’s recreation, see this map/instructions: Charter Bus Arrival for Groups Staying Overnight at Winter Park Ski Resort.  Do NOT use this map, or drive directly to your assigned lodging location at the resort base, if you have been instructed to first arrive at the Vintage Hotel parking for your Festival Staff 1st meet location!  Your buses will only be allowed entrance to the resort base during your scheduled check-in time later that day.

Performance Site Map  Use this map, and not a map app with the school address shown on your Trip Info report!  There are steep hills that need to be avoided with a motor coach near the performance site.

Ski/Snowboard Equipment Rental Locations Map *   Your assigned equipment rental location can be found on your group’s Trip Info report, and shown on this map.   *This map does not show the rental locations at the resort very well.  If your group is staying overnight at the resort, and getting rentals at a specific location at the resort, AND the festival staff is not meeting you for your rentals, Detailed Winter Park Resort rental locations map is a better map.

Bus Parking Map and Instructions for Awards Ceremony & Street Dance at Winter Park Resort

Ski Shuttle web site with route map and schedules  This is a link to the ski shuttle service’s website for all routes, and a map of all routes (not an easy map to print due to its size).  The website will not show winter schedules until the 2021-2022 ski season has begun in November 2022.


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