Performance Equipment

WPSMF Ski Locker- Performance Equipment available for use if requested

2.0 Equipment provided by the festival, must be REQUESTED by a director no later than the Final Payment due date

If a music group, or performing ensemble  needs to use any equipment potentially provided by the festival, the director must request the use of the equipment by the Final Payment due date.  The equipment request is done through WPSMF Online, within the Performance Info menu tab.  A director must request all equipment needed for EACH ensemble scheduled to perform.  If equipment is not requested, it might not be available for your use!  All equipment being provided, is only being provided on the auditorium stage, or another performance area, and NOT within the warm-up area.    If a director has any questions surrounding the festival’s equipment, those questions should be asked weeks (at a minimum) before attending the festival. 

2.10 Items for Concert Bands, Orchestras and Instrumental Jazz Ensembles that can be requested to use on stage: 

  • Podium, chairs and music stands
  • Orchestra Bells w/stand
  • Xylophone
  • Vibes
  • Marimba
  • Chimes
  • Bass Drum w/stand
  • 4 Timpani (without tuner gauges)
  • Gong w/stand
  • Pair of congas w/stand
  • Piano
  • Drum trap set (kick drum w/ pedal, snare drum, 2 mounted toms, 1 floor tom, high hat, crash cymbal and ride cymbal) (we suggest bringing your own quality cymbals)
  • Guitar amp (provide your own patch cable)
  • Bass guitar amp (provide your own patch cable)
  • 6 wired microphones being amplified for stage/monitor playback
  • Risers (4’x8’x8” and 4’x8’x16”) for jazz ensembles only

For more specific information- contact the festival office for details prior to the festival.

*Winter Park Ski-Music Music Festival only has the above listed equipment!  We do NOT have a concert snare drum, crash or suspended cymbals, cymbal stands, sticks/mallets/beaters, utility percussion, electronic keyboards, instruments, mouthpieces, bows, tuners, etc.  The festival does NOT provide equipment for Drum Line/Percussion Ensembles unless prior arrangements have been made.

2.11 Items for Choirs that can be requested for use on stage

  • Acoustic Sound Shell
  • 3 step Choral Standing Risers for performance
  • Platform Risers for show choirs (4’x8’x 8”, 4’x8’x16”, and 4’x8’x24”)
  • Piano (and warm-up)
  • 6 wired microphones being amplified for stage/monitor playback
  • 1/8” headphone input for music playback (using your phone, tablet, or laptop)
  • Drum set and other percussion if requested

2.12 Winter Guard, Color Guard, Dance Teams and Drill Teams (in gym)

  • 1/8” headphone input for music playback (using your phone, tablet, or laptop)