Start Gate – Travel Protection Plan

CLICK HERE to open a PDF showing highlights of the Travel Protection Plan*

*the festival is purchasing the Student Protection Plan at a $0 Trip Cost only, on behalf of all registered festival participants.  This helps provide coverage “post departure”.  Trip Cancellation benefits are not available, and Trip Interruption benefits are limited to $500 return air only.

Travel Protection Plan

  • Winter Park Ski- Music Festival will purchase on behalf of all registered festival participants, a limited benefit Student Protection Plan which helps provide coverage post departure.  This plan helps protect participants after departure and during their trip, by offering benefits for specific travel incidents, such as:
    • trip interruption
    • travel delay
    • missed connections
    • baggage delay
    • accident & sickness medical expenses
    • emergency evacuation & repatriation
  • The plan helps protect each registered festival participant beginning after a group’s trip departure through group return.
  • After the festival purchases the travel protection plans on behalf of each registered festival participant, each group director will be provided with Confirmation of Benefits and Plan Document. Each group director is then responsible to deliver, forward, and/or provide this information, however they choose, to each festival participant, and/or parents/guardians of festival participants under 18 years of age.  With all festival participants, and/or their parents having all plan information, and contact methods surrounding the travel protection plan, they will then be responsible for initiating or filing of claim reimbursement, and/or direct communication with the plan provider for any reason.
  • Since the festival purchases this travel protection on behalf of every registered festival participant, it is important for every festival participant (students and adults) to register in a timely manner.  *Please note that late enrolled festival participants, may result in late fees being charged by the festival.
  • Although this information states all registered festival participants will have travel protection purchased on their behalf, if a festival participant is enrolled within 72 hours before the group’s departure, there is a possible exception the festival cannot purchase travel protection for these late enrolled participants.  (see section below).

Payment of Travel Incidents

  • If any injury or sickness should occur to a festival participant while traveling to and from the festival destination, or during the festival event- all payments for medical services will be made by that participant, their group, or another group member, directly to the medical service provider.  It is recommended that such payments be made by check or credit card so evidence of payment may be more easily provided when filing a claim for reimbursement.  Be sure to keep all medical services paperwork/receipts since they will be needed by the travel protection plan provider when filing a claim.  Some medical service providers may allow for their services to be billed afterwards.
  • If any travel interruption or travel delay were to occur with a group, any payments to cover local transportation to continue travel to the festival destination, or any payments to cover reasonable additional expenses incurred for meals and lodging, will be made by your participants, group, or a group member directly to the providers.  It is recommended that such payments be made by check or credit card so evidence of payment may be more easily provided when filing a claim for reimbursement.  Be sure to keep all paperwork/receipts since they will be needed by the travel protection plan provider when filing a claim.

Filing a Claim for Reimbursements

  • Information for filing a claim can be obtained by contacting the insurance provider or filing online.

Travel Insured International

1-800-243-3174 option 3 (Monday-Friday 8:30 am- 7:30 pm)

  • It is the group members’ responsibility to contact the travel protection plan provider, file all claims and provide all necessary documentation as requested.  All claims will be handled directly with the travel protection plan provider.  To facilitate more prompt claims settlement- you will be asked to provide receipts for all medical treatment, and/or travel interruption/delay expenses.

List of Traveling Participants

  • The participant names a group director inputs within WPSMF Online will be compiled to create their group’s list of traveling participants.
  • However, each festival participant must have completed their festival online registration on or before the deadline date established by their group director, to insure a travel protection plan will be purchased on their behalf by the festival.
  • All festival participants must ensure that the name listed on their online registration is correct.  A festival participant can ask their director to correct incorrect spelling, or name changes.  If you have already registered online, and you remember your name was not listed correctly, or do not remember, your director can check this within their WPSMF Online administrative login.
  • If an attendee uses their middle name or a nickname, rather than their “first” legal name, this other name can be used within WPSMF Online.

Late Enrolled Festival Participants

  • Each group director has more information available to them, surrounding late enrolled participants.  Depending how late a festival participant is enrolled (must first be fully registered online), the festival may not be able to purchase a Travel Protection Plan for late enrollees.  Check with your group director with any questions concerning whether a festival participant was able to have travel protection purchased on their behalf when enrolled late.