Recreation Info for Participant

WPSMF Ski Locker- Recreation Info for Participant

4.9 Ski Lift Cards

  • Lift cards (previously lift tickets) are used by skiers and snowboarders to gain access to the ski area’s 25 ski lifts. The ski lifts transport skiers to higher elevations so that gravity will take them down the mountain slopes on skies or boards. Each festival participant that has requested to ski or snowboard will receive one ski lift card. Each card is good for the days your group is scheduled to ski during the festival (up to four consecutive days). A ski lift card is required for taking ski or snowboard lessons since the ski lifts will be used as part of the lesson instruction on the mountain slopes. Each time a skier or snowboarder passes through the lift’s access point, RFID technology within the card will activate a gate or turn stile for entrance, and use of the lift.
  • Ski lift cards can be simply placed within a pocket located somewhere between your shoulders and knees. You will not need to remove the lift card from your pocket when gaining entrance to the lifts. It is recommended to place the lift card away from other credit cards and cell phones for improved reception of the card readers. Magnets cannot destroy the chip technology of the card. Lift cards can survive being wet. The lift card readers at the lift entrances create no dangers for persons wearing pacemakers or other electronic medical devices. Questions concerning how RFID technology may affect any medical devices, should be made to the ski resort personnel at the ski base ticketing office.
  • The lift cards provided to our festival participants will have an attached sticker with a person’s name and an association with a particular music group printed on it. Since the information printed on the sticker is also associated with the card’s profile, switching of stickers between cards will create problems for the users as further described below. As a result, the sticker should not be removed for any reason, or switched between cards.
  • If a ski card is lost, a replacement card can be issued for a $10 charge at the Resort’s Group Ticketing office located in the Balcony House building. However, a card replacement will only be made for the card originally issued to the person requesting the replacement. So if person A and person B have switched stickers between lift cards, and no longer carrying their originally issued card, and person B (with person A’s originally issued lift card) has requested a replacement lift card, person A will then have a deactivated card, without any chance of getting a replacement. In summary, receiving a replacement card should be an easy procedure, with minimal cost, as long as the person is replacing the card that was originally issued to them. If there is any circumstance in which persons have lost lift cards that were not issued to them, expect no replacements. A person will have to purchase another lift card out of their pocket, at the walk-up retail price cards are sold at. Lift cards good for one day only can have a retail price exceeding $130. Multiple day cards (as the festival provides) could exceed $300-400. The festival will not be responsible for reimbursing lift card purchases when the replacements cannot be made for any reason.

4.10 Non-skier Vouchers

  • Vouchers provided by the festival, to festival participants that have chosen to not ski during the festival. These can be redeemed on any available day your group plans to be at the ski area. Please read below about hours and reservations for the tours and tubing. Please read below that the tubing hill may not be open a particular day or the entire week of your festival stay. Each person will receive 5 vouchers with their name on the set of vouchers that can be redeemed as follows:


Product # of Vouchers Required for Redemption
Tubing Hill ( 1 hour) 1
Scenic  Gondola Ride 1
$15 Meal Voucher 1
Scenic Snowcat Tour 3
Guided Snowshoe Tour 2


  • Tubing Hill: Voucher is valid for 1 hour of tubing. Tubing may not be available after April 14, 2019. Operating hours through April 14 are each day of the week from 10:00 am-5:00 pm. Closing date and hours are subject to change, especially due to snow conditions and temperatures. Redeem voucher for tubing ticket at the tubing ticketing office located behind the Vintage Hotel. Take the free of charge Cabriolet Lift to travel between the Vintage Hotel and the ski area base. The tubing hill has 4 separate lanes with banked curves, covered conveyor lift that takes riders back to the top for another run and state-of-the-art warming hut complete with restrooms and hot chocolate beverage service. Riders are suggested to wear warm layered clothing and comfortable winter boots. Hard shell ski boots are not allowed. Riders must be at least 36” tall to ride. Everyone- even young children must have their own ticket and ride on their own tube. It is suggested that a person plan to tube earlier in the day, or reserve early for a time of day (at the tubing hill ticketing location) in the event the tubing times sell out.
  • Scenic Gondola Ride: Ride to the top of the mountain to experience the panoramic views of the Continental Divide. Foot passengers (not wearing skis or having a snowboard) are allowed ONLY on the the Gondola lift and no other ski lift. Ticketed Foot Passengers may upload the lift between 11am and 1pm. Foot Passengers may download between noon and 1pm or between 1:30pm and 3pm. Redeem voucher at the Group Ticketing desk located in Balcony House at the base of Winter Park Resort. Riders are suggested to wear warm layered clothing and warm winter boots for your travel between the resort base and the 2 mile-high snow covered mountain top. Adjacent to the Gondola lift’s summit unload is the Lodge at Sunspot which can be used as a warming space or to have lunch. Check with the ticketing office for meal serving times at the Lodge at Sunspot if planning a meal on top. Foot Passengers can travel up with ticketed skiers but only Foot Passengers can travel down on the lift.
  • Meal voucher: No advanced reservations required. Meal vouchers may be used at any Winter Park Resort operated restaurant (including the Lodge at Sunspot for scenic chair lift riders) any day of the week. Meal vouchers are valid for one time use only- up to $15 in meal purchases with no change given if the purchase is less than $15. Redeem voucher at the Group Ticketing desk located in Balcony House at the ski resort for a $15 meal voucher. Be sure and check whether your meal voucher may be redeemable at some of the privately owned or franchised restaurants located within the resort “Village” before ordering a meal.
  • Scenic Snowcat Tour*: Enjoy a sightseeing tour of Winter Park mountain in a heated 13 passenger snowcat. This loop tour travels across beginner, intermediate, and expert trails, making several stops along the way for photos. Snowcats depart from the front of the Balcony House at 10:00 am and 12:00 pm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: (60-120 minute tour). Snowcat tours may not be available during your festival trip if snowcat repairs temporarily make them unavailable. Limited passenger capacity of the snowcat tours could make them unavailable during your festival trip. Also- lack of snow at the ski area base could make snowcat tours begin service higher on the mountain, and require a person to load a chairlift (will be included with the snow cat tour). See below for suggested snowcat tour reservations.
  • Guided Snowshoe Tour*: Enjoy a 2 hour relaxing  downhill walk through the resort back country. Perfect for non-skiers and first time snowshoers, the tour  begins with a lift up the mountain, and then travels down an off-the-beaten-path along wildlife game trails and summer mountain biking trails. Tours usually depart at 10:30 am daily (maybe more often) and guests need to arrive at the Balcony House 15 minutes prior to departure for check in. Warm clothing and winter boots are suggested.
  • * Reservations for tours are strongly recommended, and can be made by calling the Winter Park Resort Tour Center at 970.726.1616. If the staff is not available to answer, a message can be left and you can expect a call back. If you’re inside of 24 hours and would like to participate in a snowshoe or snowcat tour, please contact us in person at the Guest Service desk in the Balcony House at the base of Winter Park Resort, or call 970.726.5514 ext. 1727. All times and availability subject to change.

4.11 Ski Area Meal Vouchers

  • Ski Area Meal vouchers are an option for directors to purchase for the entire group for as many days or meals each day they wish. Some directors purchase these discounted meal vouchers to ensure that each group member has the opportunity to receive a meal at the ski area if a student has spent “meal money” on other things, or was not given money from their parents. These are not included within the festival packages. These vouchers allow festival attendees to redeem voucher for a meal purchases at the Winter Park Resort operated food service areas located at the ski area base or on the mountain. Careful- there are privately owned and franchised restaurants within the ski base “Village” that may not accept these meal vouchers. Ask before ordering! Two types of meal vouchers are offered through the festival- a meal voucher costing $9 each with a redeemable value of $10, and a voucher costing $13 each with a redeemable value of $15. (Note: if a meal is purchased that costs less than the redeemable amount- no change will be given. If a meal is purchased that costs over the redeemable amount- the individual will have to pay the difference). Most meals will cost more than $10. Meals with a soft drink will likely always exceed $10 in cost. Cups and water dispensers are available at most ski area food service locations. Again, the meal vouchers are optional and not included within the festival package costs.

4.12 Ski Lift Hours  

Weekdays: 9:00AM – 4:00PM

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: 8:30AM – 4:00PM

  • The Winter Park Ski Resort has moved lift hours forward an hour (during the later festival weeks) in the past.  This allows for more morning thawing time of frozen snow pack for safer skiing conditions.  And with late season longer days- more afternoon skiing time.  These operational hour changes usually have a very short notice.  We will contact each group if there are such lift time changes.

 4.13 Meeting Times

  • When a group plans to meet anytime during, or at the end of the day- all persons must PLAN ahead for the amount of time necessary to get up the mountain via lifts, skiing down the mountain (based on various ski levels) and traveling/walking to the meeting site.
  • PROBLEM EXAMPLES:   Planning a time to meet at the buses with a simple “end of the day” could still allow for group members to enter any lift at 3:55 (anywhere within the entire ski area) lasting as long as 20 minutes on the upward lift, and then take another hour, or 1.5 hours before reaching the base- depending on each person’s skiing level.
  • SUGGESTION:  Set a time for your group to be AT the meeting area, condo, bus parking, or shuttle bus pick-up.  Again- any specific meeting arrangements require all group members to PLAN ahead for ski lift travel, skiing down the mountain, locker time, and traveling/walking to the meeting site locations.

4.14 Ski/Snowboard Equipment Rentals

  • Rentals can be received without wearing full ski attire if a group is receiving equipment rentals the prior day to skiing. If a group is receiving rentals, and immediately traveling to the resort, or at the resort already, to ski shortly afterwards, it is best to have most ski clothing on when receiving rentals, so time will not be wasted changing clothes between these events.  Regardless of when you receive rentals, be sure that every skier and snowboarder is wearing the same socks and/or the same weight/thickness of socks being planned to wear while skiing to ensure proper boot fit! Improper boot fit can be very uncomfortable and even painful when skiing. If any member’s ski boots do not feel comfortable when being fitted at the ski shop, it will definitely not improve afterwards when skiing. Fitting ski boots is not a contest for “who has the smallest boot size”. All persons must also be able to close both boot’s tightening clasps before leaving the ski rental shop!   Uncomfortable, wrong sized, or unclasping boots must be exchanged for another pair BEFORE you leave the ski rental shop to avoid a return trip to the rental shop for an exchange.  Failure to have boots that cannot be worn when entering lessons, may lead to an entire day of lost skiing, and/or a person having to receive ski lessons with another music group.
  • If your group is receiving rentals, and immediately traveling to the resort for their first ski day, it is highly suggested to have your members NOT take off their boots, and simply wear their ski  or snowboard boots on the bus, carrying their street shoes with them.  Or at least, bring ski and snowboard boots on the bus with them, and not put within the bus luggage compartments.  Why?  TIME!  If boots are placed under the bus, and when your group arrives at the resort, each person will get off the bus with their shoes being worn, put on their ski or snowboard boots in the snow, go back on to the bus to put away their street shoes, and unload the bus once again. For motor coaches with 55 persons, this can add an additional 20-25 minutes!
  • If a member of your group registered online to receive high performance ski equipment, they will pay the rental shop directly for that upgrade.  It is estimated at $10/day + tax, but price may vary with each assigned rental shop.
  • All ski or snowboard rentals will include a helmet.

4.15 Ski and Snowboard Lessons

  • Beginner ski and snowboard lessons are REQUIRED for all group members that have NEVER skied before AND those group members that are essentially BEGINNERS and have not been instructed on mountain safety, ski lift safety and beginning ski or snowboard techniques. Anyone who does not feel secure about their basic skiing abilities is strongly recommended to take the beginning lessons. Directors should consult with students who are not enrolled to take a lesson to determine whether a student has actually skied previously.
  • If any persons have skied previously, but want a refresher lesson- they should enroll on their online registration. A person should be quickly recognized if they possess skills that will advance them to another level of the instruction. Or- they can continue with their friends’ normal ski lesson advancement for moral support.
  • Ski lessons are usually 2½ -4 hours- depending on the person’s abilities.
  • Each person receiving a ski or snowboard lesson will need a ski lift card provided from the festival. Ski lift cards will be used to gain access to the lifts used for “on the mountain” instruction as a part of the ski and snowboard lesson.
  • Person’s receiving ski lessons must not only have boots (can be clasped), skis and poles, but also adequate clothing/accessories.  An instructor will not allow (unless it is a really warm day) any person to enter lessons unless they have gloves, eye protection (sunglasses or goggles), and head weather protection (helmet, ear muffs, and/or hat).
  • Lastly, each person should have a positive attitude, and commitment toward learning to ski.  Each person within our festival staff can tell a story of when they have once encouraged a last minute hesitant student to go ahead and take a lesson. The story will end with the same student thanking them afterwards because the student had the greatest time of their life after they learned how. We now have returning directors that will require all students to take ski lessons, and ski as thier recreation, because these directors have experienced the same with previous trips.

4.16 Arriving at the Ski Resort for your group’s Ski Lessons/ 1st day of Skiing

  • Group directors will find their scheduled ski lesson date and time listed within the director’s Trip Info report within WPSMF Ski Locker. Everyone should arrive at the resort COMPLETELY DRESSED (boots, gloves, head protection/helmet, sunscreen, and lip balm on) and be READY at least 30 minutes prior to your assigned ski lesson time! The festival staff must spend at least 20+minutes with each group for ticketing and instructions alone.  Please consider any additional time necessary for renting a locker or eating before your lesson start time.  Failure to arrive at the ski area, 30 minutes prior to your scheduled ski lesson time may not allow your group to take lessons on that day, since the ski school instructors have ski school schedules to accommodate many other groups afterward. Timely group’s schedules will not be affected by late arriving groups in any way!  Directors must contact a festival representative immediately if it appears that their group may arrive late. Our contact information is listed on a separate web page, found from the WPSMF Online table of contents, and should be printed/carried with each director .
  • Groups arriving at the ski resort via bus or ski shuttle. To minimize the hassle of carrying ski equipment- it is highly recommended for persons to have their ski boots on when departing for and arriving at the ski area, unless of course, your group is receiving rentals at the resort their first day. For a beginner skier, carrying a pair of boots, skis and poles is a handful!
  • Groups arriving at the ski resort via bus, should consider how much time they have prior to their scheduled ski lessons.  It requires at least 30 minutes to walk down to the ski base, meet with festival staff for tickets/instructions prior to entering ski lessons.  Most groups will have their group members wear ski boots when in transit to the ski resort and definitely before unloading the bus.  A group does not want to store boots in the bus cargo area, since there will likely be a snowy/ snow covered parking area, that makes putting on boots outside undesirable, not to mention, each person returning back to the bus interior to store shoes near their seating.  Unloading the bus once, properly dressed, with everything needed, and wearing ski boots is a suggested plan.  Also, this method allows for persons not having to rent lockers once at the base.  Skiers will carry skis, poles and any other belonging down to the ski base from bus parking area.
  • If a group has enough time, and wishes to carry boots to ski base (carrying a pair of ski boots, poles and skis is burdensome), lockers are available to rent throughout the ski area base, to place shoes and other personal belongings within.  But please allow enough time to rent a locker, change from shoes to boots, meet with the festival staff, and then get to ski lessons on time!
  • Groups staying overnight at the resort should plan to be fully dressed, and have everything with them when leaving condos for the day.  If a group has rented ski equipment prior to this day, the members should plan on wearing boots when walking to ski base, unless planning to rent a locker.  If receiving rentals prior to scheduled lessons, each member will need to rent a locker for this first day to store shoes within.  There is usually not enough time to return to condo after rentals, and before lessons, to return shoes into the condo.
  • Lockers are rented by the day at the ski base.  Multiple persons can share the same locker for multiple pairs of shoes for example.  Fully automated locker rental kiosks are adjacent to available lockers. The approximate cost is $6.00/day.  Cash, coins, and debit/credit cards can pay for the rental, to receive a metal token.  A multiple digit access code is used to access the locker for the day, and can be used by multiple persons, instead a single key.  These lockers are not large enough to accommodate skis and poles.
  • Group leaders can rely that each of their members’ medical and emergency contact information was provided to the resort’s medical clinic facility, if each member provided their medical/emergency information on the online registration. A director or adult can also provide their own medical/emergency forms to the medical clinic on their 1st ski day arrival at the ski resort, if desired.

4.17 Entering the Ski Lessons

  • The festival staff will be there to instruct beginners- but beginners should not expect to wear skis into the ski lesson. They will carry poles and skis.
  • Winter Park Resort Ski Instructor will meet beginner skiers very near where the festival staff meets the entire group at the resort ski base.  Each director will know this location from their WPSMF Online’s Trip Info report available to them.  The ski instructors will take over from here!
  • Ski lessons can last anywhere from 2.5 to 4 hours.

4.18 After Ski Lessons

  • Ski school instructors may divide your group into smaller groups of a particular size for more effective and efficient instruction. All music group members may not all have the same instructor (especially with large groups). These smaller ski lesson groups may complete their lesson at differing times from other ski lesson groups. As a result, there may not be a definitive lesson end time for your entire group, depending on the ski skills of the ski lesson group. Also, there may not be the same ski school end location for all groups, since ski school groups may take different ski trails during their lesson.
  • Each music group director is encouraged to establish instructions for group members after ski school. Whether meeting as an entire group or having individuals coordinate meet times and locations with one another. Every group director should provide post ski school guidance/ suggestions for their group members.

4.19 Locker Rentals

  • Public lockers are available to rent at the Winter Park Ski Resort ski base.  Two locations are at the Balcony Houseand West Portal buildings.  Three different sized lockers can be rented:
    • Standard (pictures show to hold one backpack and/or pair of shoes) $6 for that day
    • Large (picture shows to hold two backpacks and/or pairs of shoes)$8 for that day
    • Jumbo (picture shows to hold three backpacks and/or pairs of shoes) $15 for for day
  • The festival staff believes the standard locker can be shared with multiple persons, since we see students placing 2-3+ pairs of shoes or personal belongings.  The standard locker size will not accommodate a pair of ski boots.
  • The standard locker rentals are typically used by group members:
    • receiving their ski equipment rentals at the resort ski rental shop, and need a place to store the shoes being worn to the rental shop. This is usually for their first ski day, since their boots can worn to ski, the remaining days.
    • In need of a place to store personal belongings, or extra clothing, rather than having to walk to their parked bus to retrieve them.
  • The locker can be rented through nearby automated kiosks. A kiosk will accept bills of various denominations, as well as a debit/credit card.  A person can choose the number of days to have the same locker.   These lockers are easy to share among multiple persons, since a multiple digit code is provided, and if shared, can be used by more than one person to access the locker for the duration of its rental, as many times as needed.

4.20 Large Lockers for overnight storage of ski equipment

  • Large lockers can also be rented within the West Portal building (lower floor) for persons desiring to store their ski equipment overnight.  These are typically used by group members who have received their ski equipment rentals form a non-resort ski shop, and do not wish to take ski equipment back and forth between their overnight lodging, each day, via their bus.
  • Renting these larger lockers can be done through the Lost and Found attendant in the lower floor West Portal building.  These lockers can accommodate skis, poles, and ski boots for up to 4 people, if arranged properly within the locker.
  • The cost and rental duration of these large lockers is as follows:
    • $16 for a daily storage. Reservations made in the morning are valid through 6 pm of the same day.
    • $25 for an overnight storage. Reservations made in the evening are valid through 6pm of the following day.
  • Reservations made in the morning, through the next day at 6pm would pay $16 x 2 days, or $32, which includes that 1st Or $48 ($16 x 3) for 3 days and 2 nights.
  • Remember, this cost can be shared between multiple person, and isn’t necessarily the cost for one person!
  • Advanced reservations are recommended and are based on availability.  Contact the Lost and Found at (970) 726-5514 extension 1784.     

Overnight Lodging Choices and Descriptions

Snow Mountain Ranch Lodge Rooms

  • Located 12 miles from Winter Park Ski Resort in beautiful Snow Mountain Ranch (Local ski shuttle does not service Snow Mountain Ranch which requires a group’s own transportation the entire stay)
  • Lodge rooms sleep 6 persons. (3 different facilities, each with one of the following: 2 queen beds + pull out sofa, or 2 queen beds + bunk bed, or 2 bunk beds + queen bed) Each room has its own private bath and WIFI. This is a more budget friendly choice IF group chaperones can share rooms with students, or other chaperones
  • Similar to a hotel room (without kitchens) with indoor corridors from lobby. Some lodge rooms (2 queen beds + pull out sofa) have mini fridge and small microwave in each room
  • Per Person Price based on Maximum Occupancy. $30 empty bed space charge per space per night may apply for adult rooms filled with less than maximum occupancy
  • One male student and one female student lodge room allowed with no empty bed space charges
  • Enjoy the amenities of Snow Mountain Ranch: huge rec center (court games, roller skating, wall climbing & more),indoor Olympic sized pool, and laundry vending
  • Discounted bus driver lodging available for groups staying at Snow Mountain Ranch
  • Optional “All You Can Eat” buffet meals can be purchased for an additional cost
    • Breakfast – $11 per person per meal + tax
    • Lunch $13 per person per meal + tax
    • Dinner $16 per person per meal + tax

Snow Mountain Ranch Cabins

  • Located 12 miles from Winter Park Ski Resort in beautiful Snow Mountain Ranch (Local shuttle doesn’t service Snow Mountain Ranch which requires a group’s own transportation the entire stay)
  • 2 through 8-bedroom cabins that will sleep up to 42 persons- all under one roof for easy chaperoning. Larger groups can use multiple cabins
  • Living area, kitchen (prepare own meals), dining area, fireplace, cable TV, Wi-Fi, and grill for the entire group
  • Per Person Price based on Minimum Occupancy. $35 empty bed space charge per space per night may apply for cabins filled with less than minimum occupancy. Ask festival staff about cabin sizes and min/max occupancies
  • Enjoy the amenities of Snow Mountain Ranch: huge rec center (court games, roller skating, wall climbing & more), indoor Olympic sized pool, and laundry vending
  • Discounted bus driver lodging available within nearby lodge rooms for groups staying at Snow Mountain Ranch

Beaver Village Condos

  • Located near downtown Winter Park. Walk into town, ride the free ski shuttle to town, and/or ride the free shuttle to the Winter Park Ski Resort
  • Condos sleep 6+ persons within 2 bedrooms and living area. 2 baths in each condo. These multiple bedroom condos will allow chaperoning adults more private separate sleeping space in a condo with students or other adults
  • Full kitchens in each condo unit for own meal preparation. Gas fireplaces and Wi-Fi in each condo
  • Main building offers an indoor pool, hot tubs, and laundry vending
  • Walk or shuttle to local restaurants, shopping, groceries or ski rental shops
  • Per Person price based on maximum room occupancy. $55 (March) or $45 (April) empty bed space charge per space per night applies for condos filled less than maximum occupancy

  • One male student and one female student condo allowed with no empty bed space charges

The Vintage Hotel at Winter Park Resort

  • A ski in/out property located just above the ski resort with a quick two- minute, free gondola ride away from Winter Park Ski Resort base, slopes and Resort Village.
  • Studios sleep 4 persons. Two double beds with no separate bedrooms
  • Each studio condo has a gas fireplace, cable TV and Wi-Fi
  • Kitchenette (convection microwave, 2 burner stove, undercounter fridge & dish washer) for preparing meals

  • Ski rentals from ski resort with convenient overnight storage at the ski base
  • Outdoor pool, hot tub, game room and workout facility
  • Conference/meeting rooms possibly available
  • Ski shuttle service available to and from town of Winter Park for shopping and groceries
  • Per Person price based on maximum room occupancy. $53 (March) or $40 (April) empty bed space charge per space per night applies for all condos filled less than maximum occupancy

Fraser Crossing/Founders Point Condos at Winter Park Resort 

  • A ski-in/out property located directly across the street from Winter Park Resort base- just a short walk to the lifts
  • Most condos are either studio or one-bedroom condos that sleep 4 persons. A very limited number of two bedrooms (sleep 6) are available
  • All condos have either kitchenettes or full kitchens for preparing meals
  • Outdoor hot tubs, gas fireplaces, cable TV and Wi-Fi
  • Ski rentals from ski resort with convenient overnight storage at the ski base

  • Ski shuttle service available to and from town of Winter Park for shopping and groceries
  • Per Person price based on maximum room occupancy. $70 (March) or $50 (April) empty bed space charge per space per night applies for all condos filled less than maximum occupancy

Zephyr Mountain Lodge Condos at Winter Park Resort

  • A ski-in/out property located directly within the Winter Park Ski Resort Village at the base lifts
  • Most condos are one-bedroom condos that sleep 4 persons. A very limited number of two bedrooms (sleep 6) are available
  • All condos have full kitchens for meal preparation
  • Outdoor hot tubs, gas fireplaces, cable TV and Wi-Fi
  • Ski rentals from ski resort with convenient overnight storage at the ski base

  • Ski shuttle service available to and from town of Winter Park for shopping and groceries

  • Per Person price based on maximum room occupancy. $80 (March) or $60 (April) empty bed space charge per space per night applies for all condos filled less than maximum occupancy

Overnight Lodging Damage Deposits

Every group must place a credit card damage deposit for the entire group during lodging check-in. The amount is $10 per person, up to a $500 maximum deposit. The damage deposit required at check-in is not included within any payments the festival collects from a group prior to attending the festival. If no lodging damages are incurred, this deposit is refunded, or held funds released.


Now offering seven different lodging options for your group to choose from. We offer cabins, lodge rooms, and condos in order to fit any travel budget and need.


Every package includes a choice between one recreation activity: skiing, snowboarding, downhill tubing, gondola rides, snowcat tours, or snowshoe tours.


Groups compete against same school size, ensemble type and level. Comments and ratings are provided by 3 recognized and experienced adjudicators.

Awards and Street Dance

Each festival week concludes with an exciting outdoors awards ceremony and DJ’d Street Dance at the base of Winter Park Resort.

Packages Include

Overnight lodging

Groups can choose to stay 2,3, or 4 nights with seven different lodging options. Plan to arrive and depart on days your travel schedule allows, providing you with the utmost amount of travel flexibility.

Participation in performance

Groups will compete each week with institutions of similar size and performance skill. A panel of three respected adjudicators will provide constructive feedback and score the competing groups. Each festival week ends with a highly energetic awards ceremony and DJ’d street dance.

Choice of ONE recreation activity

Every registered participant will choose between 4 days of skiing or snowboarding (including lift card, equipment rental & beginner lesson) or the ability to trade in vouchers to participate in one of our non-ski activities: downhill tubing, gondola rides, snowcat tours, and snowshoe tours.

Travel protection plan

WPSMF will purchase on behalf of every registered participant, a limited benefit, “Post Departure Travel Protection Plan.” Additional trip cancelation/protection insurance can be secured through a third-party supplier.

Resources for Registered Groups

Ski Locker

Is a website dedicated specifically for the directors of our registered groups. This online resource contains all the festival information regarding their trip. For example, you can view trip information reports, adjust attendance counts and build group rooming lists. Ski Locker also allows Directors to monitor the progress of their student’s individual online registration in Start Gate.

Learn More

Start Gate

Is the online portal for all students and adults registered to attend the festival. Participants can learn more about their recreation options, suggested clothing/items to pack and helpful information to prevent altitude sickness. All attending students and adults will be required to read WPSMF Start Gate topics and individually registering through this portal.

Learn More


We have teamed up with guidebook to create an app accessible by all registered directors during their time with us at festival. The WPSMF App will allow directors to access all the pertinent information provided on Ski Locker via their smart phone while on the mountain and stay in the know. Important updates and notification to groups will be sent via the app during the festival.

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